About Me

My name is Nisha and I am a book nerd if you haven't guessed already. I have loved books ever since I went to the first library. Although, I have not been an avid reader for most part of my life, only recently have I read tons of books! My all time favourite genres to read are YA, dystopian, Paranormal, and Historical Romance :)

 I'm a university student and work part-time at a crazy fast-food joint. I have had desires to be in several occupations. I just can't make up my mind! But I have resolved it, and now wan't to be a educator (teacher). I have a wonderful boyfriend who I have been with for two years and going strong. He supports me in my crazy reading addiction and even got me my first e-book reader, the Nook! Besides reading, I enjoy shopping for clothes, footwear, trying out different cuisines, travelling, fitness, and sleeping in ;) I try to live my life to the fullest with no regrets and staying positive is something I'm practising to master.
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